Dec 7, 2013

Android application

Android application for Parentie,

Find a "parentie" app in Google Play and try a mobile parentie!

How to use parentie _ parents' community

Parentie's methodology to make parents get together is simple.

When joining parentie, to input the city where you live makes you find other parents in your city. And adding your kids' information such as nursery, schools etc. make you meet other parents in that facilities.

These two categories - Residential districts and Facilities are key methods to make parents get socialized in

Have a try and enjoy parents' community in parentie!

User environment

Parentie provide multiple user environment such as chrome, explorer 8,9 and various mobile browser. Also give you android application in Google Play and have plans to develop apps for i-OS and Windows devices.

PC access is available through and go mobile with
Android app is on service now.

Enjoy parents community with Parentie!

Social networks for parents,

Social network for parents, Parentie started service in US as of Sep. 2012.
Parents now can be friends based on their children's schools and neighborhoods in with PCs and mobile devices.

Web for PC is "" and "" on mobile, also available Android application.

Pleas enjoy parents community in and if you have any questions about this service, contact us at